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I've designed, developed, and lately helped others design and develop stuff for the internet since 1995. I have run my own consultancy N. Nyman Ltd since 1997, and I have accumulated first-hand experience from most aspects of bringing digital products to life. I have co-founded three startups, of which two are still operating, and been a minority owner in a few others...

My background lets me communicate fluently with anyone from business, design, development, or marketing, and bridge the gaps that sometimes appear between these fields. The recurring feedback I get from colleagues and clients is that I am able to make complex issues clear and abstract visions concrete.

In 2007 I co-authored a book on social media and marketing with Sami Salmenkivi. The book Yhteisöllinen media ja muuttuva markkinointi 2.0 was awarded with Kultasulka, the Literary work of the year award by the Finnish Association of Marketing Communication Agencies. I've spoken in Web Expo 2008 about the importance of User Experience, a topic close to my heart. Before my internet career I've composed and produced music, hitting the UK Top 40 briefly and receiving double platinum awards in Finland.

When I'm not working I like to travel, build furniture or go snowboarding.

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